Affordable Counselling

Affordable talking therapy with one of our counselling students in the final stages of their studies.
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    Multiple Locations

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    Talking Therapies

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    In-person / Online

  • Session Duration

    60 Minutes


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Managed by Highly Experienced Therapists

Affordable, confidential counselling with our Student Counsellors

Supporting Minds offers individuals access to therapy sessions with our counselling students, who are in the final stages of their studies.

Our student counsellors, are as varied as our clients. As part of their development and to become fully qualified, student counsellors must provide a number of therapy hours.

Many of our students are in their final stages of their studies, having provided many hours of therapy to individuals with a range of needs.

The service offers an affordable way to access quality therapy, and the service is overseen by qualified Supporting Minds therapists.