Mind MOT

Most of us get the concept of a physical MOT, so why not one for your mind?
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    60 Minutes


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Feel empowered and in control of your emotional wellbeing

Most of us get the concept of a physical MOT, so why not one for your mind?

Are you wanting to re-evaluate your life, where you’re headed and fine tune your current life decisions?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a 1 off therapy session that explores all areas of our life so you feel empowered and in control of your emotional wellbeing? You can offload your stresses, have an opportunity to evaluate your life and where you are right now and refocus your self care.

We actually developed this concept for blue light services and have had some great feedback around how valuable employees found it to just focus on themselves for the session. So we’ve decided to develop the concept for you lovely lot. Having an impartial, non judgmental therapist who can help to clarify and make recommendations on how you can get yourself feeling at your absolute best can be invaluable.

Its purpose, how it works and how often might use it

How the Mind MOT therapy works

We don’t all need therapy, all of the time. Sometimes we just need to reset ourselves and that’s exactly what these 1 off sessions aim to do along with sharing our experience and insight on how you can continue looking after your mind.

All 1 off sessions will last 1 hour, we’ll share our insights with you and our recommendations throughout the session. If therapy is recommended and you decide to dive in with it, we’ll get you booked in ASAP.

We recommend a Mind MOT every six months, so that you can gauge for yourself just how things are going in your life, reflect on any changes and offer you the support to make changes if needed.

NB that we are only able to offer face to face Mind MOT's in Lincoln at the moment but the MOT is just as effective through an online session.