Art Therapy

Art therapy can offer expression of emotion through the use of an art process.
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    60 Minutes


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Express yourself through art

Therapy through Creativity

Anyone can benefit from art therapy but it is especially beneficial to those who may be experiencing depression and anxiety; inability to express feelings, or out of touch with feelings.

Difficulty in coping with issues of separation, loss, or bereavement; social and communication difficulties; experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties; lack of clear identity such as low self-esteem/self-image. Lack of purpose; difficult controlling emotions; relationship difficulties; trauma and addiction.

Those who have experienced trauma can access memories and experiences more readily through image making than traditional talking therapies. If someone cannot verbalise a past event, it can offer the expression of emotion through the use of an art process.

Artistic ability is not required and the therapy sessions focus on expression and your personal interpretation, rather than the artistic skill of the individual.