We work with a variety of primary and secondary schools and colleges offering a variety of support for students and staff
Valuing young minds

Investing in children's emotional wellbeing

It is well documented that mental health in children is a key determinant of their behaviour, attainment, health and prosperity.

Here at Supporting Minds we are passionate about providing services which pro-actively support mental health as part of an individual’s general wellbeing, not just at the point of crisis. As a result of this, we have been considering how we can do more for children and young people and maximise the reach of our social mission.  

We support a number schools across Lincolnshire with award-winning workshops and one-to-one counselling provision, and we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with more information about ourselves as a ‘not for profit’ organisation along with our bespoke and affordable service provision. 

Child-led therapies

One-to-one Sessions

A qualified therapist can provide one-to-one counselling sessions to children for 30-45 minutes per week for a minimum of a 6-week period. Whilst driven by a therapeutic intent of supporting the child with their presenting issue(s), the sessions will be child-led as per our person-centred ethos, with the child governing the session content, be it talking, playing or undertaking more creative activities.  

In order to make one-to-one sessions financially viable, we request a minimum of 3 children at any one time, with sessions back-to-back (a short interval is required for more than 3 children). 

Each separate 30-45 minute children’s session is charged at £40. 

Should you require a counsellor to be on-site for the entire school day, then we can offer a 10% reduction on the price per session. 

Children's emotional wellbeing workshops

Whole school workshops

Each term, we can deliver emotional wellbeing children’s workshops, covering (but not limited to) the topics of: 

  • Emotional literacy 
  • Managing difficult emotions (anger, rage, anxiety) 
  • Self-esteem and resilience 
  • Self-care 
  • Sleep  
  • Loss 

Due to the varying ages of the children within the school, we would recommend splitting activities such that children remain in developmentally comparative cohorts thus ensuring that activities are appropriate to their dexterity and cognitive and emotional capabilities.  

Each workshop session is 1 to 1.5 hours and over 1 school day, we can deliver 3 to 4 workshop sessions at a charge of £700 including materials.* 

*Some materials may need to be provided by the school, but these will be standard classroom items such as pens, scissors etc. A list will be given in advance. 

Developing teacher's skills in mental health awareness

Teaching Professional CPD

To support the continuous professional development of the teaching staff and to equip them with knowledge regarding their own respective emotional/wellbeing processes (such that they can model and support the children with their own) we would advocate teacher workshop introductory sessions to precede workshop delivery.

This will not only support the development of the teacher’s own self-awareness (and therefore necessary support strategies) but highlight the benefits of ‘whole school’ mental health investment. 

Each 1.5 hour session is charged at £200 (inclusive of materials)*.

Therapist travel expenses will be incurred and invoiced at cost (£0.30 per mile) for all services.

I cannot satisfactorily articulate how much this service has helped me.

If you need counselling this is the place to go.

Owen, Lincoln

Having a low-cost, self referral service like this was a GODSEND to me. The counsellors I spoke to were down to Earth, very empathic and very knowledgeable. Rapport is so essential in counselling and Supporting Minds was the perfect fit for me. Thank you!

David, Lincoln

Would thoroughly recommend the ‘Living with Butterflies’ workshop. Everything you could hope for and much more... and we came away with some brilliant coping strategies which we are using successfully. Thank you so much!

Lib, Lincoln