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Effective and Powerful Leadership Training for all Types of Organisations
We understand people and we understand business

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We have worked with many public and private sector organisations and although each organisation is unique in its culture and values, one thing that stays consistent is how their employees are motivated and what sets apart an employee focused organisation from the rest.

There are many elements that contribute to happy, healthy and productive employees and our wealth of experience and knowledge will guide you in becoming a proactive employer that values and balances the needs of your organisation with the needs of your employees.

Pic n Mix Your Workshop

Effective and Powerful Leadership Training

We have written and developed a suite of effective and insightful workshops to engage, educate and support your organisation. Equipping you with the knowledge and insight to tackle toxic culture, dispel myths and stigma and instill an effective and supportive working environment which meets the needs of your organisation and your employees.

Workshops include:

  • Educate and Dispel myths around mental health
  • How to create a healthy work environment
  • Confidentiality and boundaries
  • Mental health - signs to look for
  • Healthy leadership and potential barriers
  • Choices, ownership and consequences
  • Managing expectations
  • Every contact leaves a trace
  • Bespoke training can be written and delivered to meet your needs


Pic n Mix Your Time

Delivered at a Time to Suit Your Organisation

  • Half day (3 hrs) £650
  • 1 day (6 hrs) £1200
  • 2 day (12 hrs) £2200
  • Subscribe for 1 day (6 hrs) a month for 6 or 12 months

10% discount on daily rate for subscriptions. as an example a 6 month subscription is £6480 instead of the usual price of £7200 for 6 days.

I cannot satisfactorily articulate how much this service has helped me.

If you need counselling this is the place to go.

Owen, Lincoln

Having a low-cost, self referral service like this was a GODSEND to me. The counsellors I spoke to were down to Earth, very empathic and very knowledgeable. Rapport is so essential in counselling and Supporting Minds was the perfect fit for me. Thank you!

David, Lincoln

Would thoroughly recommend the ‘Living with Butterflies’ workshop. Everything you could hope for and much more... and we came away with some brilliant coping strategies which we are using successfully. Thank you so much!

Lib, Lincoln