10 Reasons Why

Read our 10 reasons why the Supporting Minds franchise is truly unique to the therapy sector

We've outlined 10 great reasons why the Supporting Minds franchise offers a unique, ethical therapy business with high earning potential.

Our combination of community-focused ethical counselling services and franchise model provides a distinct route to success. Since we launched in 2014, we've proven a model of therapy services that has had tremendous impact on service users across Lincolnshire and has been meticulously planned for a franchise model.

Frequently asked questions about Franchise Opportunity

Person Centred Values

Our person centred values are at the core of everything we do; we believe in kindness, compassion and unconditional love, by staying true to ourselves we have built a solid foundation that is not only relied upon but also valued as a part of our community. Our clients really do come first.

Business Experience

We understand ourselves and our business inside out. We live and breathe our ethos, this gives Supporting Minds a living, breathing heart which is what makes us so successful.

Our Passion

We are passionate about de-medicalising what it means to be human; all of the painful, messy, chaotic and shameful experiences and learning to embrace all aspects of ourselves, in fact we celebrate these things!

Comprehensive Support

We want you to succeed and our supportive team will guide you every step of the way. The Supporting Minds team are experts in their own roles at Supporting Minds and are ready to share this knowledge with you.

Improving Therapy

We are changing how we access therapy services for the better; therapy shouldn’t be elitist, time limited or expensive.


Supporting Minds was built from just the seedling of an idea, we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to therapy businesses.

Financial Success

You can and will be financially successful whilst remaining committed to our social mission of making therapy affordabla and accessible, we’ve proved that ourselves.

Making a Difference

Do you want to provide hundreds of people with the therapy that they really need whilst building their resilience and getting to the core of their issues so they can go on and make real, lasting change in their lives? 

Positive Impact & Success

Do you want to make a positive impact in your community AND have the career of your dreams? Both are life changing!

Celebrating you

Are you ready to embrace the ‘real’ you and share what it means to be human with the world? We will support and encourage you to embrace your unique qualities.

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Have a read of our franchising information which includes application requirements, what’s included in our franchise opportunity and costs.

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Along with your franchise pack, you'll receive a copy of our information questionnaire, where we'll be able to learn more about you and get an insight into your goals.

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