Costs & Duration

A full explanation of financial and time commitments associated with the BTEC Level 5 Counselling Course
An overview of course costs

Full Course Costs

Please note, there is no government funding available for this course.

Included in your fees;

  • BTEC Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling tuition
  • Additional tutor support between sessions when needed
  • Small group sizes (no more than 10 students per class)
  • Enhanced DBS for adult and child workforce
  • Access to free group supervision each month (Zoom)
  • Access to free workshops and information sessions throughout the year (Zoom)
  • A placement with Supporting Minds (availability permitting)


Please refer to your individual area for course fee information.

How long training will take

Course Duration

Completion of the course requires:

2 years, 10 weekends a year.
10 am- 4 pm each day, Saturday and Sunday


2 years, roughly fortnightly to fit in with the academic calendar
10 am- 4 pm


1 year, once a week to fit in with the academic calendar
10 am- 4 pm

We have intakes throughout the year; January, April and September, although due to Covid-19 our intakes may have changed slightly. Student preference will dictate how we deliver the course, as above.

A breakdown of all associated costs

Full Financial Commitment

Item Cost
Cost of Course
1:8 ratio (1 hour of supervision to 8 hours of counselling), no less than 1 1/2 hours a month to cover 100 hours. Average £40 a session.
BACP Student Membership £82 per year
Howden's, Holistic, Balens are good places to try for affordable rates
£50 per year
Personal Counselling
Average £40 a session x 15
Total for 1 & 2 Year Course £1232 + course fees

NB. Apart from the cost of the course the other figures may be subject to change.

In addition there will be a list of mandatory books and some basic art supplies.

How long you'll spend learning

Time Commitment

Class time:

Two year, Sat and Sun once a month for 10 months a year- 12 hours per month.


Two year, week day term time- dependant on time table to fit around academic holidays 6-18 hours per month.


One year, week day 20 hours per month.

  • Client work: 2-3 hours per week on average, 8 hours per month based on 2 hours per week. NB for 1 year courses you will have 2 years to complete your client hours.
  • Supervision: 1 1/2 hour a month to start when client work commences.
  • Study time: Average 5-10 hours per week, 20 hours per month based on 5 hours per week.

Total (average) per month:

  • 2 year course: 41 1/2 hours a month
  • 1 year course: 49 1/2 hours a month
Payment Details

How to Pay

Non refundable* deposit £250 payable to secure your place on the course.


Payment is required in full before the start of the course (August for a September start, March for an April start), minus the deposit.


Students choose to privately fund their course fees or apply for a personal loan.


*In the instance that we are unable to run the course as promised, we will refund your deposit.