Business School For Counsellors

Learn how to balance your counselling values with the business knowledge needed to be successful post qualification.
With James and Jenine

Making a Success of Your Counselling Knowledge

We recognise that being a counsellor and running a counselling business are two very different things. Balancing our desire to support people and make a personal success of it can not only feel daunting but also conflicting with our personal and professional values. We have combined our expertise to bring you a comprehensive, wrap around bespoke monthly mentoring programme to provide you with all the practical, legal and ethical requirements needed to make a success of your counselling business.  

James is an experienced chartered account, financial director and business mentor, he has a vast amount of experience in the commercial and charity sectors- he will ensure all of your accountancy and compliance needs are met.  

Jenine is an experienced therapist and successful business woman, having set up Supporting Minds 2014- she will share her knowledge and insight on what works in a therapy business and what doesn’t.  

Together they will support, motivate and inspire you through your monthly mentoring sessions with them both. 

What is the Business School for Counsellors?

We have put together a thorough and varied package that covers everything you could imagine to support you in setting up and developing your therapy business with all the practical, legal, ethical and emotional activities and support you need. 


We have 4 intakes a year to our Business School for Counsellors. 

  • January
  • April 
  • July
  • October

Only 6 places are available on each intake.


A wrap around package to guarantee your success

How We Support You

  • You will join us on Zoom for 2 intensive days of training to kickstart your business and ensure you have all of the legal, ethical and practical elements in place before you start seeing clients. If you are already in business these 2 days will be a great refresher and help you identify what's currently working in your business and what needs your attention.

  • You will have a 2 hour 1:1 mentoring session with James and Jenine each month. 13 sessions in total. These sessions will provide you with an in-depth and personal approach to making your therapy business successful and covers a wide variety of topics.

  • 4 social events via Zoom with other counsellors in your cohort giving you an opportunity to connect. Sessions will be facilitated by James and Jenine. 

  • An invitation to informal brunch and cocktail "get togethers" with other Business School counsellors and James and Jenine.

Making sure you have everything in place for your launch

Kickstart Your Success

You will start your journey to safe, ethical business success with our 2 day Kickstart programme.  


Two days of live Zoom sessions with James and Jenine covering the following: 


  • Deciding on your business model 

  • Creating a business plan that works 

  • Choosing a bank account 

  • Identifying your target audience 

  • Ensuring ethical and legal practice 

  • Essential policies 

  • Client paperwork 

  • Legal requirements 

  • Building a brand 

  • Website basics 

A comprehensive package of support through 1:1 mentoring

What We Support You With

  • Forming your business on Companies House and or HMRC 
  • Intro to bookkeeping and cash flow 
  • Getting paid; Stripe, Paypal, invoicing 
  • Boundaries around money 
  • Saving you time with automation 
  • Marketing plan 
  • Quarterly accounts review/ reviewing of business plan if paid work has not commenced 
  • Marketing: Using Canva 
  • Limiting beliefs 
  • Managing client expectations 
  • Are your procedures working for you or against you? 
  • Creative income streams 
  • Review of action plan 
  • Engaging your social media audience 
  • Managing negativity including trolling 
  • Boosting your profile- utilising contacts, skills and knowledge 
  • Managing burn out 
  • Maintaining ethical practice  
  • Paying taxes 
  • What’s working and what isn’t 
  • What do you want more/less of 
  • Reviewing of business plan and moving into year 2 
  • How to generate more profit 
  • Review personal growth and confidence 
  • End of year accounts review/ reviewing of business plan if paid work has not commenced 
  • A full set of accounts (for 1 year) compiled by James, a chartered accountant 
Helping you save valuable time and money

10 Reasons Why This Works

  • Bespoke mentoring package delivered by experts who have been successful in the therapy field. 

  • Tried and tested processes: we've made the mistakes so you don’t have to! 

  • Ensuring legal and ethical compliance with no stress. 

  • Dedicated time and space each month to ensure success. 

  • Motivational and confidence boosting through inspiring and creative 1:1 and group mentoring. 

  • Being able to focus on what you trained to do because the business side of things is taken care of. 

  • For less than the average cost of a therapy session a week, all your business needs are being met. 

  • We are committed and passionate about your success. 

  • Being in control of your business instead of your business being in control of you. 

  • Monthly accountability through 1:1 mentoring. 

More About James and Jenine

James Boulton

James has been a Chartered Acoutant (FCA) for twenty years and in that time has worked within a variety of commerical and charity organisations such as Saintgobain, Thomas Goode, Age UK, Loros in Leicester and even The Clash! He is a creative problem solver and understands the challenges faced by fellow creative and helping professionals when it comes to adhering to their values and becoming financially successful. 


Jenine Butroid

In 2014 Jenine set up Supporting Minds, a CIC with the social mission to make therapy affordable and accessible. Now turning over six figures, without grants or funding and pushing her vision further through franchising and new centres, Jenine is passionate in sharing her successes and failures to fellow counsellors. She is committed to adhering to the core values of therapy and her social mission whilst creating personal success: financially, ethically and emotionally. 

Your Investment in Your Success

January 2022 launch price


A one off payment of £1500 saving £200 PAY NOW


13 monthly payments of £130.76