Academic Team

Meet our experienced, passionate and diverse academic team
Curriculum Manager


Al has many years experience as a Curriculum Manager within further education. Al brings a wealth of knowledge and experience not just in education but also in therapy, as a qualified counsellor he understands the need to balance the academic knowledge with the ethical requirements needed to work safely and competently as a therapist. 

Al brings a sense of calm, knowledge and safety to the academic team. He is creative and thorough when facing challenges.

Al is there to support the academic team and ensure that as an organisation we maintain the high standards set out by Pearson/ BTEC for the qualifications that we deliver and also to offer guidance and additional support to our student counsellors to ensure they are meeting their full potential.

Quality Lead


Helen has an indepth knowledge and passion for ensuring the quality of our students work not only meets Pearsons/ BTECs requirements but that each learners strength is fostered and encouraged whilst areas for improvement are nurtured and supported.

She has a gentle but meticulous approach and as a qualified therapist she also understands the need to balance the academic knowledge with the ethical requirements needed to work safely and competently as a therapist.

Course Tutor


Lisa has a passion for making learning accessible and meaningful. Her teaching style encourages students to look past their academic fears and into the realness that they are embarking upon. Once her learners engage with "being" then the theory and academic writing flows.

Lisa is an experienced therapist with indepth knowledge of working across all client groups from children to adults and couples to families. She is continually developing her academic and self awareness through her love of learning. 

Lisa brings a realness, no frills and vibrant energy to the team. She is encouraging and passionate about therapy and her students.

Course Tutor


More about Kirsty coming soon.

Course Tutor


Not only am I passionate about counselling, I am also passionate about education. Since qualifying as a therapist, I have continued my own studies and I am now also a qualified couples counsellor. I love counselling but I also love to learn, and to help others on their path towards fulfilling their dream of becoming a counsellor would be very rewarding. It's combining the two things I am most passionate about!

I have a broad spectrum of counselling experience having worked with different people, of different ages, from all walks of life. I've counselled in institutions, charities and my own private practice.

Course Tutor


Jen as a qualified and experienced therapist, lecturer, and supervisor brings an eclectic mix of knowledge to the team. With an academic background in Psychology, Humanistic and Existential counselling, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, she uses these influences as well as insights drawn from her love of CPD to inform her teaching. She is particularly interested in Mindfulness, Neuropsychology and Trauma Informed therapeutic work. 


An ex student once described Jen's class as 'like a warm bath', Jen likes to pay particular attention to the relational aspects of the group, drawing on transferential matters as a vehicle for personal and interpersonal growth. Jen believes a counselling course is a journey not just a destination.

Course Administrator


Samantha is the glue that holds everything together. She not only supports the academic team with their roles but she is also the first point of contact for all student enquiries.

Samantha seamlessly guides students from enquiry status to enrollment and finally completion. She is passionate and motivated to ensure a high level of service is delivered throughout your studies with Supporting Minds.